Temple of Layil

The working on the Temple of Layil comes from my gnosis on Draconian Path, especially the Feminine and Dark aspects of the Draconian Current. Layil is one of the faces of Lilith, the Patron Goddess of our Temple, Mother of Demons, the Mistress of Sitra Ahra, the Infernal Whore, the Adversary and much more.

We seek to work on different projects and with people who already have knowledge of the Left-Hand Path, know and dominate techniques of meditation, lucid dreams, ritual trances, but also knowledge in theory/practice about demonology, rituals of evocation and invocation. We aren’t interested in teaching from the very beginning to anyone, because there a lot of places and sources for this, temples, orders, books, etc. So, we expect that you already have experience with magic. We want people with the genuine desire of exploring astrally and in group different advanced projects related to Draconian Path, Demonology, Necromancy, Dark Witchcraft, Traditional Black Magic, as a way of manifestation of the magician’s Will on the earth plane.

However, if the knowledge and the practice are not enough to end with success the “Layil Project,” we offer a short introductory program but bear in mind that this was created for those who are already practicing magic.

We aren’t a magical order, so we don’t have degrees or hierarchies. Instead, we’re a Ritual Circle which does different ceremonies with a Draconian background during Full and New Moon.

If you were admitted to the Temple, is because you have the potential that we expected for our work. However, this doesn’t guarantee the permanence, because to participate in our projects you will have to work a lot. We aren’t interested in having a lot of members, instead of the quality of them. Magic demands effort and a systematic work, here we don’t have the time or interest in excuses, we don’t want to lose our time. We value our members, and we expect the same for us. We aren’t a social club, so we don’t want to see our inner material spread on the Internet. So, keep the stuff for yourself.

At the end of each project, we expect members could write some summary of the results, and we offer a private feedback in return. Of course, those who want to discuss details, have doubts or whatever, you will be able to discuss it in private with us.

Because we don’t want a lot of members, instead of members with quality, we are not looking for passive people, so bear in mind this, because we expect an active participation in each project.

Our work will be developed during all year, and we will have practices twice a month, each practice will have the instructions. Our rituals vary, many will be related to Female Magical Current, but we aren’t limited by this, because Draconian and Left Hand Path Magic is huge. So, we will explore rituals about Necromancy, Demonology, Astral Projections to different Underworlds/Netherlands, Regions of Qlipoth and its Tunnels. Also, we have a deep interest on Current 23 and Lovecraftian Magic.

We desire this project becomes something exciting and powerful.

In Nomine Nox!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai!